Friday, 3 December 2010

Collars as a brand identity

Looking for collars that can serve as a brand identity I found two examples which make brands recognisable.

One of them is Bench.
This collar makes the brand recognisable not because of the brand name on it but due to its shape.
We can identify the label even if we hide the brand name.

Bench. , 2010
available from

Another one example has a really strong identity - CHANEL's cardigan.
Despite that it is collarless, it has a strongly recognisable neckline.

available from

"Standing 75 feet tall, and made of wood and painted to resemble concrete, the Chanel cardigan jacket was the eye candy of the Chanel Spring 08 Haute Couture show in the Grand Palais, in Paris. As you might have guessed, the models got ready right inside of it, and stepped out of the rotating jacket unto the circular runway. "Lagerfeld’s idea was to show that the jacket was only the best-known of Chanel’s creations."

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